Improve your Erotic IQ today

Erotic IQ 

6 Step Process

1. The Shadow Walk
2. Bio-Energetics/Vegetotherapy
3. Reprogramming Intimacy
4. NeuroEngineering/NeuroSynchronicity
5. Symbiotic Flow State as a Couple
6. Plateau Experience


Biohacking to make relationships great again

We are understanding more about Neuroscience and the way the brain works. Research is showing us that Emotions are not sustainable and if love is an emotions, that means it too is not sustainable. This mean that our understanding of love needs to be 'learnt' as a skill, an Intelligence, an Art form which falls on a Spectrum. Evolving love from baseline emotion or a social construct  to Higher conscious intelligence. 

Relationships are a science and a skill,

Learn to master yours today.   

Jaida Simone

The Transformative Potential For Evolutionary Relationships. 


Clear the Cobwebs of your Mind, and evolve your intellectual capacity for connection with paradigm changing micro tools to transcend your current existential anxiety through capturing, revisiting, manifesting the power, and engineering you relationship experience to what you dream it to be. 

Let your particles collide and your entanglement begin so that your Quantum State Pairs, your Flow State Expands and your Universal, Cosmic Human Potential Explodes you into your greatness and into the next Era of Human Evolution of Connection and Consciousness:

Master Your Erotic Intelligence Today.

 D I S C O V E R I N G   E R O T I C  I Q

Benefits of Improving your Erotic IQ

The old Paradigm of Love is a Global Problem

  • Corporations are loosing Billions of Dollars a year because of relationship problems at home affecting their concentration, Flow and Drive at work. 

  • Divorce is Costing the economy Billions of Dollars a year. 

  • Depression is an Epidemic and relationship problems are a major contriobutor

  • Pharmaceutical Companies are making Billions of dollars from the 'Failure of love' Industries. 

  • Beauty, Fitness, Cosmetic Industries are Making Billions of dollars because people want to be 'Better" in order to find 'The One' which rarely happens, which in turn benefits the pharmaceutical industries. 

  • Entertainment industries are a part of the system that wants you to remain in the romantic ideals of love -  

'The Studio makes movies to serve the system, that is its function'
George Clooney 'Hail Caesar"

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NeuroScience and Erotic Intelligence

The Shadow Walk

A dive into our Shadow Self is an essential component to beginning your Erotic IQ journey. Clearing past experiences resentments, traumas, disappointments and failures that are still sitting i our unconscious minds. The Shadow Walk is a Reverse Engineering of your Human mind and conditioning and is done on your own or as a couple. 

Step 1: The Shadow Walk

Step 2: Bio-Energetics / Vegetotherapy

The body remembers. As we live our lives, the body holds onto a lot of the past experiences that are related to our shadow selves (see above). We are physically holding onto a huge amount of baggage that has formed into an Armour around the segments of our body. Clearing this prior to climbing the Erotic IQ spectrum is essential. Without this clearing, Intimacy can not reach its fullest potential. 

Step 2: Bio-Energetics / Vegetotherapy.

Step 3: Reprogramming Intimacy

Utilising Tools from Eastern and esoteric practices, you can redesign your intimacy. Learning new, and higher states of transcendence through a new pattern of connection. You are able to enter into Symbiotic Flow States in your intimacy which will leave you fulfilled and powerfully connected that enables more safety and security in your relationship. 

Step 3: Reprogramming Intimacy

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Understanding More about our Erotic IQ leads to more Confidence, Deeper & more Conscious Relating and Personal Empowerment.

Applied Erotic Intelligence  

Have you wondered what your Erotic IQ is? Have you understood the importance of intelligence in your relationships? How can we become more Erotically intelligent and increase our Erotic IQ in order to maintain desire and connection in long term relationships? Erotic IQ isn't just about sex, it is encompassing our entire being, our ability to weave through the world, our capacity to mature into different levels of consciousness throughout our human development. One is not BORN , but rather becomes a Beloved. As a Human being, we are all capable of expanding our minds and consciousness to higher and more greater levels of connection by increasing our Erotic IQ.

Each of us have a level of Erotic IQ, and this level falls onto a spectrum.  Developing and mastering our Erotic IQ is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves in our adult life.

Now its time to Master yours. 





I always knew there was more. Ive been intrigued to learn more. I always felt that sex was a spiritual ritual for me, and now that i have worked on my Erotic IQ - my life has improved and life can't be better.  


I consider myself a sapiosexual - I love other minds and find erotic play in intellectualism to be the most profound type of play. Erotic IQs allow a powerful playground for me to explore. 

John & Sally

We have had the same standard type of Erotic interactions with one another for decades. We wanted to learn ways we can continue to connect in more deeper and more profound ways. This was the solution for us. 

Erotic IQ Couples Retreats

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Discover How to Master Your Erotic Intelligence

Tools and techniques to retrain your brain on how you view and experience your Erotic Self. Overcome obstacles blocking your growth. Reverse engineering through Shadow Walk and practice skills and Neuro-Bio-Energetic exercises for peak experiences in the bedroom. Master Classes in Sacred Sexuality, Secrets of the sexual embodiment and cognitive analysis of your own personal Erotic Intelligence Quotient. These are essential components to the evolving of re-programming our relationships to the cutting edge of the future. 


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