The Human Mind, Awakened, is the Next Level of Human Consciousness.

The Awakened Experience includes - 

* Conscious Quantum Entanglement for Advanced Connection

* Accelerates Learning & Performance

* Decodes the Problems of Self

* Enables the Deepest Neurotranmissions

* Scientific access to Spirituality

* Neuroscience for the evolvement of Intimacy/Desire 

* Decoding/Creating Neuronets for Permanent Change

* Powerful Neuropsychology for overcoming Limitations

What is Awakening?

Awakening is radical mind shifts to enhance connection & growth performance in all areas of your life. To overcome limitations of old patterns and to stir up and create the mind that is awake, clear and beyond what you always imagined through psycho-bio-energy. 

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Institute Of Awakening
Awaken the Mind to To Your Human Potential
The Art of Awakening

2 Hours of Awakening a Day will lead to more productivity, Creativity and increased awareness and somatic improvement. 

Flow is the mental and cognitive state of operation when a person is completely and totally immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity in complete absorption. Named by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi it is now utilised in a variety of fields.


Entanglement is the quantum theory that particles — even particles traveling away from each other at the speed of light — could remain connected such that changing the electric charge of one of the particles would also change the charge of the other.  Erwin Schrödinger, one of the founders of quantum theory, then used the word entanglement to refer to connections between separated particles that persisted regardless of distance. These connections are instantaneous, operating “outside” the usual flow of time. This means, we can tap into the our connection with others, our inner senses, the ability to trust intuition and our innate empath. 

Have you at times ever 'Felt' what your partner is feeling, or had a 'gut feeling' that something is not quite right? That is Entanglement. Learn ways to Hack into your partner for the most profound evolutionary process of Connection. This leads to the increase of Desire for one another as pivotal solid partners in our lives. 

Rewiring is the Neuroscience of Change. This is the Science of being able to take what is Currently in the mind, understand our own individual Neuronets and reconfigure and rewire it to assist with personal growth, overcoming limitations and being able to create a new connection to your reality, in effect, being able to create a NEW YOU.

After the Shadow Walk, Vegetotherapy for Body Armour Clearing, Learning New Toold and Techniques for Intimacy - Entanglement is a HIGH level of Erotic IQ development. 

“When one realises one is asleep, at that moment one is already half-awake.” 
― P.D. Ouspensky