April 5, 2017

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Why Sex Should be a Spiritual Practice.

April 11, 2017

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What Is Your Erotic IQ?

March 22, 2017

Understanding our Erotic IQ:  Why it is the most important Self Development Tool to Master. 


In today’s world, where online dating is rife, the Art of Seduction or flirting is a dying trait  and our personal interactions with society at large is cold and reserved. Within this dynamic, where does our Erotic IQ come into play? In the new up and coming millenial generation, the world of Eroticisim is going to be a very different place to previous generations. So many are single, divorced, rejecting marriage, or long term relationships in general,  living in new styles of relationships and openly expressing their  LGBT connections as well as wanting to be known instead of a He or She but rather a chosen pronoun. In such a changing world, how can we continue to develop our Erotic IQ in order to best be prepared for the relationships of the future?


Have you wondered what your Erotic IQ is? Have you understood the intelligence levels behind sex and sexuality? How can we become more Erotically intelligent and increase our Erotic IQ? Erotic IQ isn't just about sex, it is encompassing our entire being, our ability to weave through the world, our capacity to mature into different levels of eroticism and sexual intelligence throughout our human development. We are not all stagnant in Erotic Energy, and what you see in online porn or magazines is "NOT IT". As an erotic being, we are all capable of expanding our minds and consciousness to higher and  more greater levels of Erotic connection by increasing our Erotic IQ. We are not born with an Erotic IQ but rather, it is developed as we develop and in essence, Never stops developing. At times moving forward and up like when in a committed loving relationship, at times taking a step back, when we are heartbroken or lose a loved one.

Each of us have a level of erotic intelligence, and this level falls into a spectrum of understanding. Our Erotic IQ stems from life experiences, exposure, and the desire or pull to learn more. Developing and mastering our Erotic IQ is one of the most important self development tool to master in our adult life.


Erotic IQ can be defined as the ability to understand one's own and other people's erotic capabilities, to discern between different erotic prototypes and label them appropriately and to use erotic information to guide thinking, relating and behaviour. Erotic IQ also reflects abilities to join intelligence, sexuality and emotions to enhance interpersonal relationships and understanding of interpersonal dynamics.


Specific Erotic IQ models address the ways in which sexual and erotic awareness apply to relationships and sex. For example, erotic prototypes may interact with thinking and allow people to be better decision makers in their relationships. Erotic Intelligence also related to emotional reasoning and understanding in response to the people, environment and the circumstances one encounters in his or her day-to-day life and relationships.


As Esther Perel writes in her Bestseller “Mating in Captivity”, Tell me how you were loved and i’ll tell you how you make love’, our sexual experiences in life, our relationships and interactions are a huge factor in our Erotic IQ modelling. Our history of break-ups, make-ups, our relationships with Family, Religion, Culture and our understandings of how to love and be loved all form our Erotic Prototypes. These life long experiences lead us to be more intune with others of a similar path and those with a similar prototype.

There are 7 main Prototypes of Erotic IQ modelling and we all fall into one or more of them over our lifetimes. At times moving forward, other times taking a step back.


The 7 Primary Prototypes (PP) of individuals are:

  1. BioSexual - Pure orgasm focused Erotic Pull.

  2. PsychoSexual - NeuroTransmitters and Chemical Erotic Pull

  3. BioPsychoExplorer - The Biological Need together with the Energetic Connection and exploring the different levels of BioPsycho Eroticism. 

  4. PsychoBioSomatic - The Body’s opening and expanding into Erotic IQ.

  5. Integrated - All types of Erotic Exploration known.

  6. SapioFlow - Sexual Genuis/Intelligence/Intuition utilised into the State of Flow.

  7. Divine Entanglement - Transcendent Quantum Entangled Connection.


Socially, Erotic IQ is the ability to perceive Sexual signals, integrate erotic responses to facilitate thought, understand emotions and to regulate erotic energy to promote personal growth. The aptitude-based model views sexual and erotic intelligence as useful sources of information that help one to make sense of and navigate their social environment. The model proposes that individuals vary in their ability to process information of a sexual or erotic nature and in their ability to relate sexual or erotic processing to a wider cognition. This ability is seen to manifest itself in certain adaptive behaviours. Erotic IQ includes four types of Erotic Cognition:

  1. Perceiving Eroticicism – the ability to detect and decipher Erotic responsiveness in faces, body language, sounds, voices, and energy—including the ability to identify one's own erotic responses.

  2. Using Erotic IQ – the ability to harness erotic energy when needed. An individual with high Erotic IQ can capitalize fully upon his or her changing sexual and erotic responses in order to best relate within a relationship.

  3. Understanding Erotic IQ – the ability to comprehend erotic language within all types of relationships. For example, understanding sexual and erotic impulses encompasses the ability to be sensitive to slight variations between sexual and erotic behaviours and the ability to recognize and describe how our sexuality and erotic nature evolves over time.

  4. Managing Erotic IQ – the ability to regulate erotic and sexual behaviours in both ourselves and in others. Therefore, the Erotically intelligent person can harness emotions to achieve intended goals. This is also known as transmutation or sublimation.

​Erotic IQ can be developed in numerous ways. We find that our lives are full of Erotic energy once we are able to perceive it. Being able to utilise this to assist with our social interactions as well as improving our relationships is the main purpose of developing our erotic IQ. Higher Sexual and Erotic intelligence is positively correlated with better social relations for adults, better self-perception of relationship capabilities and more successful interpersonal relationships with less interpersonal emotions and problems. High Erotic IQ individuals are perceived more sensual by others, more pleasant,socially skilled and empathic to be around. High Erotic IQ stimulates better family and intimate relationships. High Erotic IQ is positively correlated with higher life satisfaction, self-esteem and lower levels of insecurity or depression. Individuals with a High Erotic IQ have more time to focus on other areas of life. High Erotic IQ allows individuals to control their erotic impulses which allows more time for work or career goals, especially for those who spend a significant amount of time in pursuit of sexual gratification and validation.

Jaida Love, Pioneer of Erotic IQ has developed programs for expansion of Erotic IQ. In response to the 7 levels of erotic IQ growth, she has been teaching in the area of Sacred Connections, Quantum States, Flow States, Shadow States and way in which the Body and the Mind area intertwined with different capabilities and restrictions to our Erotic IQ growth. To learn more visit www.EroticIQ.Com


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