April 5, 2017

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Why Sex Should be a Spiritual Practice.

April 11, 2017

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What is Erotic Intelligence?

February 24, 2017

Understanding More about our Erotic IQ leads to more Confidence, Deeper & more Conscious Relating and Personal Empowerment.
Unlock Erotic Intelligence  

The Sacred and The Sexual

Have you wondered what your Erotic IQ is? Have you understood the intelligence levels behind sex and sexuality? How can we become more Erotically intelligent and increase our Erotic IQ? Erotic IQ isn't just about sex, it is encompassing our entire being, our ability to weave through the world, our capacity to mature into different levels of eroticism and sexual intelligence throughout our human development. We are not all stagnant in Erotic Energy, and what you see in porn or magazines is "NOT IT". As an erotic being, we are all capable of expanding our minds and consciousness to higher and  more greater levels of Erotic connection by increasing our Erotic IQ. Each of us have a level of erotic intelligence, and this level falls into a spectrum of understanding. Our Erotic IQ stems from life experiences, exposure, and the desire or pull to learn more. Developing and mastering our Erotic IQ is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves in our adult life. Now its time to unlock your Erotic Intelligence. 


About Erotic Intelligence (Erotic IQ) 

Erotic intelligence (Erotic IQ) can be defined as the ability to understand one's own and other people's erotic capabilities, to discriminate between different erotic prototypes and label them appropriately and to use erotic information to guide thinking, relating and behaviour. Erotic intelligence also reflects abilities to join intelligence, sexuality and emotions to enhance interpersonal relationships and understanding of interpersonal dynamics.

Specific Erotic intelligence models address the ways in which sexual and erotic awareness apply to relationships and sex. For example, erotic prototypes may interact with thinking and allow people to be better decision makers in their relationships. A person who is more responsive erotically to crucial issues will attend to the more crucial aspects of his or her life.  Erotic Intelligence also related to emotional reasoning and understanding in response to the people, environment and circumstances one encounters in his or her day-to-day life and relationships.

Aptitude model

Jaida Love states that Erotic IQ is the ability to perceive Sexual signals, integrate erotic responses to facilitate thought, understand emotions and to regulate erotic energy to promote personal growth. The aptitude-based model views sexual and erotic intelligence as useful sources of information that help one to make sense of and navigate their social environment. The model proposes that individuals vary in their ability to process information of a sexual or erotic nature and in their ability to relate sexual or erotic processing to a wider cognition. This ability is seen to manifest itself in certain adaptive behaviours. The model claims that Erotic IQ includes four types:

  1. Perceiving Eroticicism – the ability to detect and decipher Erotic responsiveness in faces, body language, sounds, voices, and energy—including the ability to identify one's own erotic responses. Perceiving Erotic Responsiveness represents a basic aspect of Erotic IQ, as it makes all other processing of Erotic information possible.

  2. Using Erotic IQ – the ability to harness erotic energy to facilitate various cognitive activities, such as cognition and problem solving. The Erotically intelligent person can capitalize fully upon his or her changing sexual and erotic responses in order to best relate within a relationship.

  3. Understanding Erotic IQ – the ability to comprehend erotic language and to appreciate complicated relationships. For example, understanding sexual and erotic impulses encompasses the ability to be sensitive to slight variations between sexual and erotic behaviours and the ability to recognize and describe how sexuality evolve over time.

  4. Managing Erotic IQ – the ability to regulate erotic and sexual behaviours in both ourselves and in others. Therefore, the Erotically intelligent person can harness emotions, even negative ones, and manage them to achieve intended goals. This is also known as transmutation or sublimation.

Universal model

Love outlines five main EI constructs:

  1. Self-awareness – the ability to know one's emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values and goals and recognize their impact on others while using gut feelings to guide decisions.

  2. Self-regulation – involves controlling or redirecting one's disruptive emotions and impulses and adapting to changing circumstances.

  3. Social skill – managing interaction to move people in the desired direction

  4. Empathy – considering other people's feelings especially when making decisions

  5. Motivation – being driven to achieve for the sake of achievement

Sexual and Erotic competencies are not innate talents, but rather learned capabilities that must be worked on and can be developed to achieve outstanding performance. Individuals have a general understanding of Erotic and sexual intelligence which can be mastered to determine their potential for learning eroticl competencies.

General effects

Love states that higher Sexual and Erotic intelligence is positively correlated with:


  1. Better social relations for adults – High erotic intelligence among adults is correlated with better self-perception of relationship capability and mo


    re successful interpersonal relationships while less interpersonal emotions and problems.

  2. Highly erotically intelligent individuals are perceived more sensual by others – Other individuals perceive those with high EI to be more pleasant,socially skilled and empathic to be around.

  3. Better family and intimate relationships – High EI is correlated with better relationships with the family and intimate partners on many aspects.

  4. Better psychological well-being - Erotic intelligence is positively correlated with higher life satisfaction, self-esteem and lower levels of insecurity or depression.

  5. More time to focus on other areas of life - Erotic intelligence allows individuals to control their erotic impulses which allows more time for work or career goals, especially for those who spend a significant amount of time in pursuit of sexual gratification and validation.

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